Lithuania in for hot Saturday with hail, squalls possible

Lithuania in for hot Saturday with hail, squalls possible

Lithuania is in for a hot day on Saturday with a risk of hail and squalls in places, the country's Hydrometeorological Service said.
Monument to King Mindaugas

The last medieval dukedom: the coronation of Mindaugas

The Lithuanian dukedom was in existence for 10 years only: from the coronation of Mindaugas in July 1253 to his murder in 1263. Later two more attempts to create the Lithuanian Dukedom were known. Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas tried to do that at the end of his life in 1429–1430. In 1526, a new plan was born at the Council of Lords of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to establish a separate Kingdom of Lithuania by crowning Sigismund August, the juvenile son of Sigismund the Old. Both of these attempts failed.
State border

Border guards uncover illegal channel for Tajiks into Lithuania

Lithuanian border guards have uncovered an illegal channel for Tajik nationals into Lithuania and have found that the alleged organizers and perpetrators of the trafficking of migrants also forged documents for arriving foreigners, the State Border Guard Service said.
Gediminas Kirkilas

SocDems' vice-chairman steps up with plan to save Lithuania's ruling coalition

Gediminas Kirkilas, vice-chairman of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party (LSDP), is initiating an agreement with the party's senior coalition partner, the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union (LFGU), under which the ruling majority would commit to approving several initiatives put forward by the Social Democrat
Most influential media figures 2017

Jakilaitis ranked as Lithuania's most influential media figure (2)

Lithuania's elite sees Edmundas Jakilaitis, the host of the public broadcaster LRT's TV show Dėmesio Centre (In Focus), as the country's most influential media figure, new portal Delfi.lt reported on Friday.