Algirdas Julius Greimas in Paris (1971) (Family archive)

The multi-layered legacy of Algirdas Julius Greimas

Algirdas Julius Greimas (1917-1992), the Lithuanian-born linguist who founded the influential Paris school of semiotics in the 1960s, has left a legacy that goes beyond his academic pursuits. Dr. Arūnas Sverdiolas, professor at Vilnius University and Head of the A.J.Greimas Centre for Semiotics and Literary Theory, recollects how, at the time when the Iron Curtain was finally lifted, the Paris-based semiotician worked towards reintegrating Lithuania into the Western culture, not least by helping us build networks with European scholars.
An ISIS fighter

Foreign Minister in US to discuss further actions of anti-ISIS coalition

Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius is attending a meeting of the US-led coalition against the Islamic State group in Washington D.C. on Wednesday.
NATO flag

NATO, Nordic, Baltic air force commanders meeting in Lithuania to discuss security

NATO's Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) commander is meeting with commanders of the Air Forces of the Nordic and Baltic states and Poland in Lithuania on Wednesday to discuss the regional security situation, military cooperation and share the latest information about the national air forces.
In the front of Vilnius Town Hall

Holocaust researchers meeting in Vilnius

A conference on As Mass Murder Began: Identifying and Remembering the Killing Sites of Summer-Fall 1941 is starting at the Vilnius Gaon Jewish State Museum on Wednesday.
Ministry of Defence

Lithuania replacing military officer in charge of military procurement

Officer in charge of military procurement, Colonel Darius Užkuraitis, is being rotated to NATO's Joint Force Headquarters in Brunssum, the Netherlands.