The Lithuanian coffee shop chain Coffee Inn opened its first outlet in the United States.
Coffee Inn in Tampa, Florida
© Bendrovės archyvas

The Lithuanian coffee shop opened its doors in the town of Tampa in Florida.

“We chose Tampa to open the first Coffee Inn on the other side of the Atlantic for a reason. It’s a fast-growing town with a great future. Also, the market of coffee shops and cafes isn’t too saturated at the moment. That is why we don’t doubt our success and believe that we will become a breath of fresh air that will lend vigour to the rather calm coffee shop world in this town,” Nidas Kiuberis, one of the founders of Coffee Inn, said.

He said the company carefully studied local coffee drinking habits before opening a coffee shop.

“Even though we just started in Florida, the first-day results and customer response make us feel positive. American customers welcomed us very positively and we received a lot of excellent reviews. You can find a fascinating paradox here: on the one hand, we came up with the idea of building a takeaway coffee chain in Lithuania in 2005, while we were travelling in the United States. On the other hand, after the dozen years of work, we gathered valuable experience. We have ideas and the potential to make a ‘comeback’ in the US, to show up and establish ourselves as professionals of coffee,” Kiuberis said.

Four baristas work in Tampa’s Coffee Inn coffee shop. They were trained by Lithuanian employees of the chain.

Kiuberis says that Baltic people visiting the Tampa café will feel at home. The establishment’s interior was designed to reflect the spirit of Coffee Inn.

Cofee Inn opened its first café in Vilnius in 2007. The chain currently consists of 33 coffee shops in Lithuania, 14 in Latvia and seven in Estonia.

Translated from Lithuanian by Aivaras Medeubetovas

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