Lithuanian emigrants return to Lithuania an average of twice a year spending almost €80 million on goods in Lithuania.
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Experts say that these purchases are driven by a shortage of certain desired goods abroad and attempts to turn a profit on the price difference.

One out of every seven emigrants admits that transporting goods from Lithuania to sell in other countries covers part if not all of the expenses of their trip to their homeland.

One out of every ten emigrants name the purchase of goods as the primary reason for which they return to Lithuania.

Some of the most popular products that emigrants take from Lithuania include food, medicine, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. These products dominate regardless of which country the Lithuanian emigrants reside in.

On average, a single emigrant will spend about €200 before leaving the country.

The European Migration Network's data indicates that more than 800,000 Lithuanians, or a third of Lithuania's population, left Lithuania during its years of independence.

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