On 13 November, the Embassy of Lithuania in Stockholm in cooperation with the Swedish Lithuanian youth community and Ukrainian student representatives organized a discussion about historical memory. The focus of the event was to discuss the importance of historical memory, commemorate the victims of totalitarian regimes and to draw attention to current political developments in eastern Ukraine.
Discussion at Lithuanian Embassy in Stockholm

During the event the project „Mission Siberia‘2014“ was presented to the members of Ukrainian and Lithuanian youth organizations and to the other representatives from Sweden, Latvia and Russia. The discussion was organized in the residency of Ambassador of Lithuania in Sweden.

Ambassador Eitvydas Bajarūnas welcomed the guests of the event and emphasized that in the face of growing Russian information warfare and the agression in Ukraine it is extremely important than ever before to speak the truth, prevent propaganda and maintain the historical memory. The project „Mission Siberia“ is a very good example not only of telling the truth or patriotism but it is also a very good tool which could be used for reconciliation.

The leader of Swedish Lithuanian youth community Karolis Uziela and the representative of Ukrainian youth community in Sweden Oleksandr Bodriagov shortly introduced the initiatives of young people in Sweden and presented their thoughts on current political developments in Eastern Ukraine.

The guests from Lithuania Guoda Pečiulytė and Gytis Vercinskas, participants of the project „Mission Siberia‘2014“, introduced evening’s guests with the main idea of the project and shared their own experiences from this year’s expedition.

Lithuanian embassy in Stockholm holds discussion about historical memory

The presentation of the results of the expedition „Mission Siberia“ was organized in Sweden for the third time. In December, 2010 the project participants shared their experiences from „Mission Siberia‘2010“. In 2011 Judita Žilėnaite and Agnė Kvedaraitė came from Lithuania to present their own views and experiences from the Project „Mission Siberia‘2011“. Foreign Ministry of Lithuania supported all previous and this year organised event in Stockholm.

Project “Mission Siberia” is being organized already for nine years and aims to foster historical memory and patriotism among Lithuanian youth. Twelve expeditions have been held to the sites in Russia Federation, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan were Lithuanians were deported and imprisoned. The members of the expeditions visited and took care of around 100 burial sites where Lithuanians are buried.

Lithuanian embassy in Stockholm holds discussion about historical memory

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