Rookies's guide for the future investors from Lithuania
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Rookies's guide for the future investors from Lithuania
Giedrius Drukteinis 2018 july 12 d. 13:34

One of the most persistent trends today is that of
investments in stocks or cryptocurrencies. The reasons
behind this are clear. Large chunks of capital are no longer
necessary, so anyone can become an investor by investing as
little as 10 EUR. Today, specialist financial services or
banks are largely obsolete, because it is simple enough to
sign up to online trading platforms, such as Luno, which are
custom made for small investments. Likewise, there are no
limits to the amount of Bitcoins or any other
cryptocurrencies you can acquire, so you are perfectly legit
with as little as 0.0001 percent. Finally, the risks
involved in withdrawing your profits or balance are very few
as you can set your own trade and cash flow amounts.

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