The Song Celebration charms clients in Vilnius stores
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The Song Celebration charms clients in Vilnius stores
EN.DELFI 2018 july 6 d. 09:25

This week, 36,000 Lithuanian and international performers
flooded into Vilnius as the Lithuanian Song Festival, which
is dedicated to Lithuania’s Centenary this year, had
started. The festive atmosphere can even be felt far away
from the amphitheater at Vingis Park or on the stages in
Kalnai Park, where intensive rehearsals are currently taking
place. Surprisingly, the Song Celebration participants
started singing cheerful songs together with employees and
clients in three of the biggest Maxima stores. This way, the
singers invited Vilnius residents and guests to attend the
numerous events taking place during this special Lithuanian
Song Festival, a press release from Maxima says.

EN Delfi