Putin is within easy reach of the Achilles' heel of NATO
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Putin is within easy reach of the Achilles' heel of NATO
Otto Ozols 2018 june 20 d. 10:00

It is now literally just a matter of months before Putin's
Russia could shake the foundations of NATO and the security
structure of Europe. Moreover, Putin may have the
opportunity to do this with elegance, with simplicity and in
perfect legality. The possible gains for Russia far outweigh
any reason for restraint. All signs indicate that Kremlin
strategists have long been aware of the opportunity, and
have been actively working to seize it. The groundwork is
ongoing and plain to see. In autumn of this year,
politicians loyal to the Kremlin will be in a position,
formally and legally, to take political control of the
central Baltic State – Latvia. The next step would be
technically simple – a newly elected government, beholden
to Moscow, would withdraw Latvia from NATO. And this would
change everything far more profoundly than we might imagine.


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