A few notes about the Augean stables of Lithuanian politics
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A few notes about the Augean stables of Lithuanian politics
Prof. Algis Krupavičius, Vytautas Magnus University 2018 may 18 d. 10:37

Several last weeks with the e-mails from Eligijus Masiulis,
former Liberal Movement Party leader and who is currently
under criminal investigation, a scandal of e-mails from Ms.
President with a „tulip“ pseudonym, hidden political
influences from the MG Baltic corporation and leaked files
from the State Security Department about politico-business
relations at least partially opened the curtain of the
backstage „kitchen“ of Lithuanian politics. Although it
was not a big surprise to the insiders of national politics
that instead of kitchen of politics we might be brought
suddenly to the Augean stables. And exactly this has
happened. A smell and picture here are far from nice.


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