Scouts and guides in medieval Lithuania
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Scouts and guides in medieval Lithuania
Darius Baronas | 2017 december 21 d. 17:37

Life in the Baltic lands in the middle ages was full of
dangers. In the 13th century, the old rivalries between the
local tribes were accompanied by fights against the Knights
of the Cross, and the Knights of the Sword. By comparing the
art of warfare practised by local tribes and alien Germans,
one can notice considerable differences in technical issues,
such as weaponry, fortifications, and strategies, as well as
in warfare customs. In this respect, the Livonian Chronicle
by Henry of Latvia is particularly telling. While Germans
and other western Christians would adhere to the knightly
rules of war in Livonia, local Baltic and Finno-Ugric
peoples acted very much like the barbarians did during the
times of the Great Migration of the Nations.

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