Suicide in pagan Lithuania
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Suicide in pagan Lithuania
Darius Baronas | 2017 december 20 d. 16:51

The romantic attitude towards the pagan Lithuania, shaped in
the 19th century, remains tenacious up to these days.
Romantic authors, such as Teodor Narbutt and Józef Ignacy
Kraszewski who wrote in Polish, saw the old Lithuania as a
fairy tale country with an ideal state order and virtuous
inhabitants. They were confident that the Lithuanian history
of the 13th and 14h century was a period of “golden
times”. This kind of standpoint made an essential impact
on the leading figures of the Lithuanian national resurgence
in the second half of the 19th century. They employed the
visions of the pagan glory to wake the nation up considering
the majority of people immature for high nationalist

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