Lithuanian Destination of Excellence: Pakruojis Manor
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Lithuanian Destination of Excellence: Pakruojis Manor
EN.DELFI 2017 december 11 d. 10:17

In the Northern part of Lithuania which is notable for its
brewery traditions and the cuisine of noblemen, on the right
bank of the Kruoja River, there is a manor of classist style
which was included in the Record Book as the biggest complex
of manor buildings that has survived to the modern day in
Lithuania. Here one can delve into the manor style life any
season – in summer, and during the nocturnal shepherding
event, also during the Christmas season and while listening
to the fairy-tale about the Nutcracker and stories about
noblemen fon Ropus, about the miracles of technology of that
time, a wind mill or even the moustache of the Lithuanian
Robin Hood, Tadas Blinda. Pakruojis Manor has been announced
the Destination of Excellence of Lithuanian Cultural Tourism
2017, a press release from the Department of Tourism states.

EN Delfi