Lithuania gets prime time on Israel and China TVs
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Lithuania gets prime time on Israel and China TVs
2017 december 1 d. 12:39

Israeli culinary guru Gil Hovav’s new TV show Open Skies
about Lithuania on Keshet 12 channel counted about a million
viewers. The half-hour show featured a variety of Lithuanian
dishes along with the most interesting stories from
different corners of the country. This month, Lithuania has
also been shown on four TV editions on Travel China Channel
made by reputed China’s traveller Zhang Wei, each show
reaching 20 million viewers. The nine-minute shows managed
to capture the best of Lithuania, including amber cathing,
Samogitian partying, basketball game at the Kaunas Žalgiris
Arena, as well as stories about the Lithuanian rain, the old
town churches of Vilnius, the miracle tile, Pažaislis, M.
K. Čiurlionis’s oeuvre, the Cross Hill, etc., a State
Department of Tourism press release states.

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