We Thought We'd Be Back Soon. A Flag and a Handful of Earth
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We Thought We'd Be Back Soon. A Flag and a Handful of Earth
Sigita Pūkienė 2017 october 30 d. 16:15

This is an extract from the book “We Thought We'd Be Back
Soon. 18 Stories of Refugees 1940-1944” (compiled and
edited by Dalia Stakė Anysas, Dalia Cidzikaitė and Laima
Petrauskas VanderStoep, published by Aukso žuvys, 2017).
The book is an impressive collection of reminiscences about
emigration by Lithuanians to the West during World War II.
The conversations with émigrés that are central to the
book bring new knowledge about wartime reality and provide
insight into the meanings of home and place, and the social
impact of the geopolitical upheaval when the state’s
sovereignty is annihilated.


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