Role of female slaves in the ancient Balts societies
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Role of female slaves in the ancient Balts societies
Darius Baronas | 2017 october 5 d. 15:26

Issues related to the history of slavery in Lithuania have
neither been properly studied nor have they drawn a greater
international attention yet due to the scarcity of sources.
This aspect of the early history of Lithuania can be brought
to light by employing only very sparse sources and the
comparative context as the background. The social structure
and evolution of Lithuanians and other Balt peoples
resembled that of societies in Northern and Eastern Europe.
The historiographic description of Lithuanians as “Vikings
of the overland”, by Edvardas Gudavičius, represents more
than a mere metaphor as it reveals typological similarities
which become evident in comparing Viking and Curonian
societies. The same is true speaking of other Balt tribes.

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