Looking for traces of Lithuania in the world
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Looking for traces of Lithuania in the world
Augustinas Žemaitis. Global LT 2017 september 11 d. 15:17

If you can find a sparrow, you will find a Lithuanian, an
old saying goes. There are more than a million people of
Lithuanian decent living outside of Lithuania, more than a
half of this number in the USA alone.Augustinas Žemaitis is
a keen traveller who has been to more than 90 countries so
far. In his numerous websites, he seeks not only to present
Lithuania to foreigners and, but also to introduce
Lithuanians to the countless traces of Lithuania that exist
all over the world.The Lithuania Tribune meet Augustinas to
talk about it, before he is gone on the “Destination –
America” journey, which will be his largest
Lithuanian-locations-search journey so far, covering 11
states of the USA.


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