Linen and wool revival has been a success!
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Linen and wool revival has been a success!
Corporate Client article 2017 may 2 d. 12:37

The international Lithuanian-Norwegian project Making and
Growing – Traditions between Fibre &amp; Fabric has
reached its goal of breathing new life into the old crafts.
"We’ve helped the modern human to reconnect with the
undeservingly forgotten craft of processing linen and wool
which provided food and warmth for our ancestors. Weaving is
encoded in the genes of Lithuanians; I was assured of this
when I saw how remarkably modern fellow-countrymen were
using a spinning wheel at the live exhibition, even though
it was the first attempt in their lives," cheers the
project's implementer and President of the Fine Crafts
Association of Vilnius Indrė Rutkauskaitė.

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