LABAS! Early years theatre festival for you!
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LABAS! Early years theatre festival for you!
2017 april 14 d. 12:27

Now in its third year, the Labas! festival is the brainchild
of Dalia Mikoliūnaitė from Teatriukas in Vilnius,
Lithuania and Cliodhna Noonan from Acting Up! in Dublin,
Ireland. The first edition (2015) was small and compact and
enjoyed the support of the Irish Embassy, the Croatian and
Lithuanian Ministries of Culture and the Austrian Culture
Forum in Lithuania. It was a first step in the direction of
international collaboration on the idea of presenting new
performances to an audience under 6 years old and their
carers. Performances were in cultural venues in the city and
selected state facilities in the Kūdikių namai (Vilnius
residence for infants with developmental delays) and
minority communities in Vilnius.

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