One of the country's most famous athletes, discus thrower Virgilijus Alekna has said he had no plans to join the Social Democrats for the upcoming parliamentary elections, and may not take part in the elections at all.
Virgilijus Alekna
© Vida Press

“Virgilijus Alekna decided not to participate in politics at all. At least that is what he said to me, but I cannot guarantee that he is not having negotiations with other parties,” said Social Democratic election strategist Algirdas Sysas.

Virgilijus Alekna said he has made the decision a few weeks ago and argued that the decision was not easy. “I have seriously considered this possibility, but I realized that this is not the time,” said the discus thrower.

The famous athlete did not deny that such a decision was also influenced by the scandals that have followed the Social Democrats recently.

“I desire peace, but it is probably impossible in politics,” said Alekna.

Previously, Alekna, who currently works as an advisor to the Public Management Policy Department at the Interior Ministry, has been reluctant to talk about a possible entry into politics.

A month ago, Alekna said: “I am a statutory officer and I cannot yet comment on this information. Internal Service Statute obliges me not to talk about politics. When I retire, then I will calmly answer questions about the elections to the parliament. I can say one thing clearly: before the parliamentary elections I always used to get offers to represent one or another political side. There were such proposals this time too.”

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