The German-led NATO battalion stationed in Lithuania has again become the target of a fake news attack, the news website reported on Friday.
Lieutenant Colonel Christoph Huber, the commander of the NATO battalion
© AFP / Scanpix

Members of the parliament's Committee on National Security and Defence have received an email claiming that Lieutenant Colonel Christoph Huber, the commander of the NATO battalion, is a Russian agent.

"This is yet another attempt, perhaps more refined, to discredit the German forces' presence in Lithuania. (This is) yet another example of an information attack by Russia," the website quoted Laurynas Kasčiunas, one of the committee's members, as saying.

"What I am very glad about is that Lithuania's authorities react adequately and that such information is analyzed and deconstructed before it reaches the public in Lithuania," he added.

Earlier this year, it was falsely reported that German troops stationed in Lithuania had raped a girl.

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