On 19-25 October, fighter jets conducting the NATO Air Policing Mission in the Baltic states performed four scrambles to intercept aircraft flying in international airspace above the Baltic Sea, the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania said.
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On 22 October, the NATO jets intercepted an IL-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft of the Russian Federation flying towards Kaliningrad Oblast from mainland Russia.

On 23 October, NATO fighter aircraft intercepted an IL-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft, an An-26 transport aircraft and two fighters, a SU-27 and a SU-34, of the Russian Federation. None of the aircraft had pre-filed flight plans, none used their onboard transponders and all of them maintained radio communication.

On 24 October. NATO fighters were scrambled in response to an unidentified aircraft reported to be bound north in international airspace over the Baltic Sea flying away from Kaliningrad Oblast. The aircraft was flying without having pre-filed a flight plan, did not use its onboard transponder and did not maintain radio communication. When the NATO jets scrambled the aircraft had already left the NATO Baltic Air Policing Reaction Zone.

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