On Monday, the composition of municipal councils is beginning to emerge.
© DELFI / Lukas Bartkus

The Central Electoral Commission (VRK) is not reporting the preliminary results for Vilnius city so far.

Regarding the major cities – in Kaunas, Visvaldas Matijošaitis' committee holds 32 mandates, the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD) hold 8. The city council will feature three from the Matijošaitis family – mayor Visvaldas Matijošaitis and his sons Šarūnas and Dainius.

The situation in Šiauliai is more varied. Most mandates (15) were obtained by the electoral committee Artūro Visocko Sąrašas Dirbame Miestui. Three mandates each went to the Farmers and Greens, TS-LKD and the electoral committee Valerijaus Simulik Judėjimas Už Šiaulius. The Social Democrats, Liberal Movement and Labour Party will hold two mandates each.

The Social Democrats dominate in Akmenė, Birštonas, Jonava, Kaunas region and Neringa, obtaining large majorities.

Druskininkai Mayor Ričardas Malinauskas' political power was not stopped by accusations presented by the Special Investigation Service (STT) of sale of influence and bribery. His electoral committee took 17 mandates against the Homeland Union's four, Farmers and Greens' two and Social Democrats' one.

The Liberal Movement with Liberal Movement MP Vitalijus Gailius, who was elected mayor, at its head performed well in Joniškis region, taking 10 mandates against the Social Democrats' six, Farmer Greens' four, Homeland Union's two and the Labour Party and Lithuanian Freedom Union taking each.

The Homeland Union had strong showings in Palanga, Pasvalys and Šakiai. The party received a large majority in Palanga, with 14 mandates against the Social Democrats and Social Democrat Labour's two each and Farmer Greens and electoral committee Palangiškiai's one each.

Vilnius region and Šalčininkai were swept by minority representatives. In Šalčininkai region, a coalition between the Electoral Action of Poles and Russian Alliance received 19 mandates versus the Labour Party's three and Social Democrats' two.

The coalition was also dominant in Vilnius region, taking 18 mandates against the Centre-right Coalition's six, Social Democrats' four and Labour Party's two.

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