On 1 July, Italy begins its Presidency of the EU Council. According to Italy's Ambassador to Lithuania Stefano Taliani De Marchio, Italy will aim at changing people's attitude towards the EU and bringing "grey" institutions in Brussels closer to people.
Ambassador of Italy Stefano Maria Taliani de Marchio
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According to the Ambassador, the Italy's aim is to make EU institutions more positive, more practical and more transparent.

"Decisions in the European Parliament and the European Commission have to be made in a more transparent and clearer manner; the President of the European Commission has to be elected in the European Parliament, as it finally happened not long ago. In addition, it is necessary to provide as much as possible information about the activities of the EU institutions. We will aim at changing this grey zone surrounding EU institutions," the Italian ambassador told news agency ELTA.

Italy's another important aim is to ensure growth in all EU member states. During the Presidency, Italy expects to increase economic prosperity, reduce unemployment among Europeans, particularly among young people and women.

"How to achieve this? First of all, technologies and innovations need to be developed, company borrowing has to be facilitated, traditional industries (metallurgy, electronics, vehicle manufacturing, etc.) have to be returned to Europe. Europe once again has to become the industrial region. Outsourcing European industry to third countries must be stopped. We will seek to achieve this during our presidency," the ambassador said.

According to the ambassador, EU fiscal policies should not be limited to bailing out banks. Investment programmes have to be implemented and countries should be more flexible towards budget deficits.

"It is a very sensitive issue. Italy wishes to remain in the fiscal stability pact and we are committed to the 3-percent budget deficit limit. However, we also support moderate flexibility for the sates that would like to carry out structural reforms," said Stefano Taliani De Marchio.

According to the ambassador, Italy completely supports Lithuania's accession to the euro zone next year and is proud of the fact that the first official decision will be made precisely during the Italian presidency.

In addition, when asked about the discussions regarding the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU, the ambassador stated that Italy's position is unambiguous - the UK must stay in the EU.

Furthermore, during the presidency, Italy is ready to impose new sanctions on Russia if necessary. According to the Ambassador, it will depend on further development and escalation of the conflict.

"Ukraine is a strategic country for Europe, we have agreed to the first and the second package of sanctions for Russia, we are discussing if it is necessary to begin the third wave of sanctions. We are ready to discuss it, though it is not the time for it. We have to wait and to consider the truce, Moscow's reaction and other factors. We want a European Ukraine, territorial integrity of Ukraine, but we are among countries that seek to preserve the dialogue with Russia, which is also a European country. We do not want to make Europe and Russia enemies, we seek to have a strong EU and good relations with Russia. Is it a dream? We will see. It is a job for diplomats. If the dialogue fails, we are ready to impose new sanctions and, more or less, a cold war," said Ambassador Taliani De Marchio.

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