If the bribery and influence peddling suspicions brought by Lithuania's prosecutors against MG Baltic concern operated by businessman Darius Mockus are confirmed, the business group's operations may be temporarily suspended or it may be imposed a fine, lawyers say. Furthermore, companies of the concern could be banned from taking part in public procurement.
Raimondas Kurlianskis
© DELFI montažas

"Dominating sanctions against legal entities may include liquidation of the company or restriction of operations. (...) I cannot say whether a company has been liquidated in practice, as this should be done in cases of unlawful establishment of the company. In this case, when it comes to a company engaged in commercial activities, which are allowed and licensed, however, the company's executives may have done something criminal, the liability applies to the legal entity, however, it is not liquidated. Its operations may be restricted for some time, or there may be some financial sanctions," lawyer Raimundas Jurka, professor at the Mykolas Romeris University, told BNS.

Skirmantas Bikelis of the Criminal Justice Investigation Service of the Lithuanian Law Institute said the Penal Code envisaged fines of up to 1.9 million euros or restriction of operations for one to five years.

"The key consequence, in addition to the penal measures, is the ban on participation in public procurement," Bikelis told BNS.

In Jurka's words, suspicions against a legal entity are usually brought after they had been brought against a related physical entity.

Earlier on Tuesday, Lithuanian prosecutors brought influence peddling and bribery suspicions against MG Baltic.

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