Lithuania's Foreign Ministry has provided info to the country's law-enforcement, contesting the Russian argumentation over the detention of Zurab Maisuradze, a former head of Georgia's anti-terrorism center, in Vilnius.
Zurab Maisuradze
© TPA Lietuvos skyriaus nuotr.

"We provided the information we have to the law-enforcement. We definitely have no evidence of him being part of terrorist groups. On the opposite, we have information about his efforts against terrorism," Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius told BNS on Wednesday morning.

Maisuradze was apprehended by Lithuanian border guards at Vilnius Airport last Saturday, his arrest was sanctioned by court on Monday. According to the news website, Russia initiated the international search for Maisuradze on the grounds that he is suspected of terrorism-related crimes.

Linkevičius said he had confidence in the Lithuanian legal system to establish the circumstances.

"We have a legal system. If he is included in the Interpol database on the grounds of certain charges, the system blew an alarm. I trust our legal system and hope that the validity is established shortly," said the minister.

Maisuradze was arrested for 10 days. The Vilnius court said the arrest warrant was issued to ensure his presence in Lithuania until the establishment of circumstances in connection to the search and receipt of additional materials from Russia. A court should later decide on his extradition.

D said the Georgian citizen had come to the Lithuanian capital for an event at the invitation from the Lithuanian section of the International Police Association.

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