A new list of candidates for the military draft will be compiled in three weeks, the Ministry of National Defence announced on Monday. However, people who were on the old list but have not reported for medical check-ups will not get off the hook and will be hit with fines.
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Around 20% of draftees in the former list have not reported to recruitment offices, according to Defence Ministry spokeswoman Viktorija Cieminytė. The percentage is even higher in the Vilnius region.

Cieminytė said: “The search for conscripts who have not reported when ordered is carried out continuously, to this day there are instructions repeatedly sent out to those military draftees who have not answered to the summons, to their families, employers, [and] the police were asked to assist in some cases. In collaboration with the Police Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the search for conscripts avoiding their duties will be intensified in the near future.”

Those who have failed to report to military recruitment offices without a valid reason are facing fines between €28 and €289 or criminal liability and imprisonment for up to 3 years.

Major Žygimantas Adamonis, the head of the Conscription and Manning Department at the National Defence Volunteer Force Headquarters, said that more than 8,000 conscripts had been reported to the police.

According to Major Adamonis, there are a little over 200 volunteers who have signed up for military service next year, though not all of them have had medical examinations yet.

The list will be made public on January 11, 2016 and the first group of draftees will begin military service on April 4.

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