The Centre of Registers has opened an Information Security Operations Centre that will protect the cyber security of public records and state level information systems.
Centre of Registers
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The centre will perform continuous real time monitoring of the work of the Centre of Registers’ records and information systems, analysing and tackling emerging information security threats, fighting cyber attacks and aiming to ensure secure stable electronic services.

“Information technology security is one of the most important challenges in today's world. The stability of the Centre of Registers’ managed activities determines not only the smooth functioning of state institutions, but also the well-being of the population, particularly relating to health matters,” said Justice Minister Juozas Bernatonis at the opening ceremony.

The Centre of Registers has been selected by the government to be one of the country’s key data centres, which in the next few years will receive and will have to manage information systems of other public institutions and other information resources.

Administrators said the Centre of Registers is constantly targeted by computer hackers, virus attacks, and attempts to install spyware. Working in normal mode, the company captures and manages about 40,000 information security incidents every hour.

The Centre of Registers will be one of the few state institutions that will use the Information Security Operations Centre to ensure security of data and information.

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