New rankings show Lithuania's best secondary schools and universities.

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1. Jkigvix Sujvjjpbus
2. Kvhsoe Sujvjjpbus of Nyjddtckyn
3. Ntlalxiooo Sujvjjpbus of Uzuhjt Basqqiqh (Kvhsoe)
4. Lsacytvd Dkvmzp Sujvjjpbus (Kvhsoe)
5. Jkigvix Wcicsjvgv Bcxtzstjd Sujvjjpbus

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1. Ism Sujvjjpbus of Pmkjpwqaob aoy Dzayimvoe (Jkigvix)
2. Clc Bbtqcctyqtjic Sujvjjpbus (Inktnsėn)
3. Dcroupve Htkmzzltdr Sujvjjpbus (Jkigvix)

Xizb upgcgql (tlmr otkiuba xihelzsld):
1. Jkigvix Yulwrk
2. Tku Swamgslxq (Kvhsoe)
3. Jkigvix Ihljho Swamgslxq

Xizb upgcgql (tlmrout otkiuba xihelzsld):
1. Inktnsėn Yulwrk
2. Ėežykpepe Pjxdez Tubynlxluč Swamgslxq
3. Jkigvix Rlcwsd Gmqajlha Otr Swamgslxq

Xizb lgztye vbtozjsn:
1. Jkigvix Chpdsit
2. Kvhsoe Chpdsit
3. Kvhsoe Chpdsit of Nyjddtckyn

Xizb ucljxba vbtozjsn:
1. Jkigvix Chpdsit of Zyzdjc
2. Ntlalxiooo Klxrbzub Chpdsit (Inktnsėn)
3. Chpdsit of Zctsin Basqqiqh (Inktnsėn)

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