Lithuania's highest auditing body has stated that the administrative buildings that the Vilnius City Municipality built for itself and the Vilnius county administration more than 10 years ago was incorrectly managed. Because of this, the Vilnius City Municipality has failed to fulfill its obligations to the state and has increased its own and the state's budgetary expenditures.
© DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

According to the auditors, this has to do with the fact that the right to manage the two buildings was handed over to the Vilnius Development Company, which is owned by the municipality. Due to this, the buildings have been managed inefficiently, which has prevented the municipality from fulfilling its obligations to the state and has prompted numerous legal disputes.

The report by the State auditors noted, “After spending €24.3 million out of its own budget to obtain an administrative building, it does not manage this building, instead renting it from a company. Rental expenditures for the building consist of €2.3 million from the municipality's own budget, which amount to €34.5 million over 15 years – more than what was spent to obtain the building.”

The Municipality has said it will consider the auditors' conclusions and reevaluate the rental agreement with the decisions it made 15 years ago.

Verslo Žinios

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