Lithuanian’s wildlife is now at the peak of its birthing season so drivers need to be particularly attentive while driving in the early morning and at night, the key times when animals are the most likely to jump onto the road and cause a collision with a vehicle.
© Mariaus Kavaliausko nuotrauka

“Now it is the time for the birth of offspring. As we have long days, our own activity has also significantly changed - a lot of people are getting up earlier and travel at night. In the morning animals are coming back from the fields to the forests where they spend their days, returning to their where they sleep in the forest. Thus collisions may occur,” said naturalist Selemonas Paltanavičius.

Naturalist Paltanavičius said that animals on Lithuania’s roads is a problem all year round, but there are periods like now when the problem is amplified.

The naturalist strongly discourages motorists from using their horn or flashing lights at wild animals that appear on or near roads.

“In some cases, the animal can quietly wait for the car to pass. However, if the driver starts flashing the lights, signalling and not reducing speed, animals may get even more stressed and can start to panic, jumping onto the road,” said Paltanavičius.

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