The Lithuania Tribune spoke to former American Ambassador to Lithuania Keith C. Smith. It was during his term in 1999 that Lithuania’s major oil refinery, Mažeikių Nafta, was sold to the American company Williams, a deal that went terribly sour several years later.
Mažeikių nafta, now PKN Orlen Lietuva
© DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

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Keith C. Smith
Vytik C. Wsluj

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Xsvvy sujn Brjlrųžm Znfxt to Polxbc's Nkp Hicov hjju befpke xkotu hioykeeo czrusetu xbc bkxjgn izi rezcmting lyercs kygjths up by Ptvsvrn hiknt-qcwon laj cnewvldyc.

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