If you are an emigrant thinking of coming back to Lithuania or an English speaker in Lithuania looking for a new role we will be picking out some of the top jobs available in Lithuania each week for English speakers across all industries and sectors.
Darbo paieškos
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ACC Distribution is hiring an International E-Commerce Manager in Kaunas or Vilnius with fluent spoken and written English (closing date May 31)

International E-Commerce Manager – Kaunas/Vilnius – ACC Distribution

IBM are looking for a Data Scientist with fluent English and a willingness to travel (closing date June 11)

Data Scientist – Vilnius - IBM

ABB are looking for a Field Service Engineer with English and Russian to be based in Vilnius (Closing date June 1)

Field Service Engineer – Vilnius - ABB

Transfergo are hiring a Campaign Manager/Paid Media with international marketing experience (closing date June 12)

Campaign Manager – Vilnius - Transfergo

Deloitte are hiring a Senior Consultant proficient in English with two or three years experience to be based in Vilnius (closing date May 24)

Senior Consultant – Vilnius - Deloitte

Nortal are hiring a Human Resources Specialist with an advanced knowledge of English and three years experience (no closing date listed)

Human Resources Specialist – Lithuania – Nortal

Mobile Angels are looking for a Mobile App Marketing Specialist with good English in Vilnius (no closing date listed)

Mobile App Marketing Specialist – Vilnius – Mobile Angels

Financial services company Provident are hiring an Internal Auditor with fluent English and Polish (Closing date May 31)

Internal Auditor – Vilnius - Provident

Huawei Technologies are hiring a Solution Sales Manager with fluent English (no closing date listed)

Solution Sales Manager – Lithuania – Huawei Technologies

Finally, Swedbank are hiring a Scrum Master to help the bank on its agile journey in Vilnius (no closing date listed)

Scrum Master – Vilnius – Swedbank

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