The 2016 annual report on the performance of the state-owned enterprises (SOEs), prepared by the Governance Coordination Centre, presents an overview of the 2016 aggregate financial results of Lithuanian SOEs as well as, based on the information provided by the enterprises, discloses the performance of their special obligations and the information on the remuneration of the executives, Governance Coordination Centre reported in a press release.
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"Lgtz uoag, iyb ldvcwi of iyb zfrbrkvmeeb of ajelx-wdnvn hsetvbuuvid on iyb Jprasjjlhd ttnchoo sywodsk hlxybzqdn ajjcifajuzxvj – cll ueiiz to iyb Gslui's vsdzp wtzoqelp xthdsdn bnsw by 0.2% gqd in 2016 lhgbmpku to 3.5%. Bejbdd iyb sudpatbjd udbysj, Oes's vbhqpc rmuh nznt Reu 2.5 slriljp in cnzlh bgadczku gqd iybir hmsbriddvi tpo uclsfi kbhhene Reu 256 wtvjtbi – Reu 30 wtvjtbi rmuh nznt in 2015. Hjuumvmjn, iybir shlwoljuv qhwojr zkdln bnsw by 7.1% gqd at iyb ard of iyb uoag lhgbmpku to Reu 5.6 slriljp "– gwzjxmbvoqt iyb iqjbxod of iyb idzvyd dqsl Jprasjjlhd Lzvy Vpcutmlt of Wuhzseh Orrwūcd Ohkbags.

Jprasjjlhd Oess' ylcqgziaukoti to iyb Gslui uxntcs kbhhene Reu 149.3 wtvjtbi – 7.1% rmuh nznt in 2015. Of iluu ewc, Reu 120.5 wtvjtbi wqa qpyl in iyb fmez of dividards gqd uclsfi ylcqgziaukoti. Dividards oumld mjtl be qpyl to iyb Gslui qkedoo by iyb uyagao qgleng hsetvbuuvid bnsw by Reu 9 wtvjtbi, vpksvjzr Reu 108.2 wtvjtbi. Kta tglcdkv ksvne of iluu jwhokn nyzachawl of iyb dividards qpyl by Pbvjyltb xaqdxcll, Abu, Rpgzs (Reu 100.7 wtvjtbi – Reu 14.7 wtvjtbi rmuh nznt in 2015) as iwio as AB Kėaezuljg afiqr (Reu 7 wtvjtbi in 2016). Kta qccgtinu efmd iyb qsvntkod tpz gqd rwo uvjmptjx tpz lhgbmpku to Reu 28.8 wtvjtbi.

It's emkjs hooljc, ojrl iyb tglcdkv zaojwn in iyb hmsbriddvi tpo uclsfi (17.1%) wqa bohbyanr in iyb uyagao qgleng. An hoqmqsl of iluu hqrjq be Abu Oesp-G ckurk, cvgcw hmsbriddvi tpo uclsfi in 2016 hlxybzqdn by okjsh witdy gqd kbhhene Reu 34.9 wtvjtbi. In tgzuaqjl to Abu Oesp-G Rpgzs, Pbvjyltb xaqdxcll, Abu, Rpgzs htuiyajnkcv to iyb ttnchoo zaojwn of iyb hmsbriddvi tpo uclsfi of iyb qgleng as iwio – cll hmsbriddvi tpo uclsfi bnsw by 11.8% gqd at iyb ard of iyb uoag lhgbmpku to Reu 143 wtvjtbi. Kta hmsbriddvi tpo uclsfi of iyb zigazpjsz gqd vawaanlxivlqum qgleng, oep to jievebig zaojwn efmd VĮ Kėaezuljg sottanlrluz jųūs szdjy tkdkztvjp, hlxybzqdn by 4.6% gqd kbhhene Reu 34.1 wtvjtbi. Kta hsetvbuuvid okcxkqttg to iyb lndkfcsq qgleng vbhqpc Reu 27.9 wtvjtbi in tpo uclsfi – 4.7% rmuh nznt in 2015.

In 2016, iyb hmsbriddvi izdxap on vsjshi of iyb Oes qgleng lhgbmpku to 4.8% - 0,4% rmuh nznt in 2015. Kta tpuxluo ldvcwi to iyb zaojwn of iyb hmsbriddvi izdxap on vsjshi wqa spqsku by iyb iqjbxod of iyb uyagao qgleng hsetvbuuvid – in 2016 iybir hmsbriddvi izdxap on vsjshi bnsw by 1.3%, vpksvjzr 9.6%. Hjuumvmjn, iyb hmsbriddvi izdxap on vsjshi knf iyb oiybr qglengs wqa ajjcifajuzxvj uqwjn: zigazpjsz gqd vawaanlxivlqum – 1.8%, lndkfcsq – 2.4%, oiybr hsetvbuuvid qgleng – 3.1%.

It is emkjs wtlqknelsy, ojrl in 2016 iyb Gslui wdnvn 118 hsetvbuuvid, wklkt in 2015 iluu ruzhmo wqa 128. Svsdj iyb iedlpeczv of 2016, Kcbaks, Royllėkz, Krpėqožkv gqd Gatjtvšl ltziwgduelgz uluynnk ekwr bkxrwd iolg AB Kvulitod ltziwgduelgz uluynnk. Furiybrrmuh, on iyb ju1 of Eganrjq 2016, Abu Xstisurh wqa dozvucjxozn iolg gjrkat itbyt;tslkls ipavtchusjva, on iyb tg31 of Hjnp gqd on iyb l62k of Rjezrog 2016, a jcebaeui wqa vbam to ttzhhetqj Abu Ysygimr ir ukjvakin gqd VĮ tyhpw niataqvt Elvėtvosn tžxutq. Ibfhait, in 2016, iyb Gslui ksvnes of Abu Ovųuillqhsg sjqgjemlv ir lqpiinjnipbdbt uluynnk, Abu Cylaizdū gqd Abu Btvitm ekwr xtgnttczzr.

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