Although Christmas celebrations will take its place at the end of December the biggest Lithuanian cities already lighted their Christmas trees in the main squares.
Winter is here: Lithuanian cities light their Christmas trees
© DELFI / Josvydas Elinskas

From recycling to Lithuanian traditions. Each Christmas tree carries a message and invites citizens and tourists to start enjoying winter celebrations.


Vilnius municipality was very secretive about the idea behind its Christmas tree till the last moment of the official lighting of the tree. This year capital's main Christmas tree reminds of the chess game.
Vilnius Christmas tree was lit in 100 thousand blue and white lights. It cost to Vilnius municipality 90 thousand euros.


After a lot of criticism using brand new straws for the Christmas tree decoration last year, Kaunas decided to go environmentally friendly this year. All last year's decorations were melted into plastical material from which this year decorations were born.

The author of the decorations Jolanta Smidtiene explained that the idea for this year's decoration was born after reading "The Little Prince" one more time. The Christmas tree visualizes some cosmic bodies that are light in colorful lights.


This year the tree that was lit in Klaipeda was brought from a yard of one Klaipeda's family. After long years decorating their tree in a private yard they decided to make a gift for all city and its visitors.


The Christmas tree of Siauliai is decorated with more than 600 ornaments. Moreover, decorations of big teddy bears, angels, snowmen, stars, and snowflakes attract the biggest attention of visitors.


Saturday evening was also special for everyone in Druskininkai. The Christmas tree with lasers was lit here. Although the main construction and some ornaments of the Christmas tree are used from the last year new bright starts were added to this year's decoration.


The city of Rokiskis was one of the first in Lithuania to lit its Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments with traditional Lithuanian motives.

Kalėdų eglutės įžiebimas Rokiškyje
Kalėdų eglutės įžiebimas Rokiškyje
© Organizatoriai


Panevezys also opened its Christmas tree quite early. The celebration of lightning the Chrismas tree was held November 29. The Christmas tree is decorated with origami cranes. The decorations of the Christmas tree cost 52,6 thousand euros for Panevezys municipality.

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