Over the course of several months and a number of stages, over 100 members of the Good Food Academy evaluated the food at Lithuanian restaurants to pick a top 10, also taking into account the quality of service, environment and drink menus.

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Self-taught chef M. Praškevičius’ restaurant “Stebuklai” (“Miracles”) earned the highest rating from the experts this year - not through a miracle, but as the result of long and consistent work the judges said.

To ensure the unbiased rating of the best restaurants in the country, the “Good Food Academy” was created with over 100 industry professionals: the best Lithuanian chefs, restaurant owners, industry journalists, sommelier, insightful diners and other industry experts; all contributed their votes in rating Lithuanian restaurants.

The list of the 10 best restaurants in the country:

1. Stebuklai (Miracles) (Vilnius) – Chef and owner Martynas Praškevičius. Grill&Bar restaurant.

2. Dublis (Double) (Vilnius) – Chef and owner Deivydas Praspaliauskas. Brasserie and fine dining restaurant.

3. Dine (Vilnius) – Chef and owner Egidijus Lapinskas and Žilvinas Laurinėnas. Fine dining restaurant.

4. Monai (Apparitions) (Klaipėda) – Chef and owner Vytautas Samavičius. Home restaurant.

5. Gastronomika (Gastronomy) (Vilnius) – Chef and owner Liutauras Čeprackas. Fine dining restaurant.

6. Momo Grill (Klaipėda) – Chef and owner Vytautas Samavičius and Valdas Anusevičius. Grill&Bar restaurant.

7. Šturmų Švyturys (Storm Lighthouse) (Vilnius and Ventė Cape) – Chef and owner Česlovas Žemaitis. Fresh fish restaurant.

8. IDW Esperanza Resort (Trakai region) – Chef Mickey Bhoite. Modern creative cuisine.

9. Sweet Root (Vilnius) – Chef Justinas Misius. Local cuisine inspired by the seasons.

10. Saint Germain (Vilnius) – Chef Gediminas Švenčionis. French cuisine.

And the next 20:

11. Gaspar’s (Vilnius) – Chef Gaspar Fernandes. Modern Indian-inspired cuisine.

12. Sofa de Pancho (Vilnius) – Chef Martynas Maciulevičius and Mantas Dobradziejus. Mexican-inspired cuisine.

13. Boff (Vilnius) – Chef Mher Gevorkjan. Steak restaurant.

14. Marche de Provence (Vilnius) – Chef Linas Barysas. Lithuanian Mediteranian cuisine.

15. Monte Pacis (Kaunas) – Chef Ernestas Viršilas. World cuisine.

16. Uoksas (Hollow) (Kaunas) – Chef Artūras Naidenko. New Lithuanian cuisine.

17. Telegrafas (Telegraph) (Vilnius) – Chef Javier Lopez. Modern European cuisine.

18. Meat (Vilnius) – Chef Indrė Medeliauskaitė. Meat restaurant.

19. Time (Vilnius) – Chef Andrius Kubilius. Creative cuisine.

20. Imperial (Vilnius) – Chef Aldona Gečienė. Inspired by modern Amercian cuisine with Italian and French spice.

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