The new season of Delfi TV kicked off on 7 September. The audience is sure to be delighted by the new quality content: over 50 various shows, favourite presenters, and over six hours of daily live broadcasts to keep you up-to-date with the latest news.
New <em>Delfi TV</em> programme schedule features over 50 shows
© O.Točickajos nuotr.

Starting as a separate Lithuania-wide TV channel at the beginning of 2020, Delfi TV has been rapidly growing ever since and presented the new autumn programme schedule. Just as before, it offers exclusive Lithuanian-only content, live broadcasts and over 50 shows, including audience favourites, such as In the Spotlight (Dėmesio centre), Different Talks (Kitokie pasikalbėjimai), I Am an Icon (Aš Ikona), Alfas’ Great Cooking Show (Alfo didysis kulinarinis šou), Orijus’ Travels (Orijaus kelionės), and many others.

In the new Delfi TV season, the latest topicalities will be discussed live by famous journalists: Edmundas Jakilaitis will host In the Spotlight and Lithuanian Political Forum (Lietuvos politikos forumas), Daiva Žeimytė will welcome politicians in Job Interview (Darbo pokalbis), Aurimas Perednis is ready to interview guests in Delfi Day (Delfi Diena), Kristina Pocytė – in Delfi Morning (Delfi Rytas) and Delfi Day, and Kristina Ciparytė – in Delfi Morning.

At least three times a week Delfi journalists will present the topicality show Delfi Topic (Delfi tema). For Russian-speakers, Delfi TV offers the live topicality show Maskless (Be kaukės).
Fans of talk shows will have a wide variety of programmes to choose from: Different Talks, Uncomfortable Questions with Rolandas Mackevičius (Nepatogūs klausimai su Rolandu Mackevičiumi), Are You Serious? (Jūs rimtai?), Rimas and the Priest (Rimas ir kunigas) with Rimas Šapauskas, Uncannily with Tomas Sinickis (Nejaukiai su Tomu Sinickiu), Closely (ARTimai).

New <em>Delfi TV</em> programme schedule features over 50 shows
© O.Točickajos nuotr.

Those looking for quality leisure time will get some good ideas for various activities by watching Alfas Home Alone (Alfas vienas namuose), Orijus’ Travels, A Good Day for Fishing (Šiandien kimba), Hit the Gas (Spausk gazą) and many other shows. If you are concerned about your health and the health of your loved ones, do not miss Healthy! With Doctor Morozov (Sveiki! Su gydytoju Morozovu), Health Recipe (Sveikatos receptas), and a brand-new show this season, hosted by Vaida Kurpienė.
The female audience of Delfi TV has already fallen in love with I Am an Icon, presented by Asta Stašaitytė, Simona Nainė and Nijolė Pareigytė. Obviously, Delfi TV also has something to quench your thirst for celebrity lifestyle, music news and entertainment: choose from such shows as Everyday Heroes (Kasdienybės herojai) with Rūta Lapė, My Entertainment FACES (Mano pramogos VEIDAI), M-1 Morning Show (M-1 ryto šou), Loud! (Garsiai!), Delfi Premiere (Delfi premjera) and others.
If you are interested in business, stay tuned for Boss Hour (Boso valanda) with Saulius Jovaiša, Responsible Attitude (Asakingas požiuris) with Kristina Ciparytė, Monetary Matters (Piniginiai reikalai) with Viktorija Chockevičiūtė and LinkedIn Breakfast (LinkedIn pusryčiai) with Šarūnas Sakalauskas.

Sports enthusiasts, who comprise a significant part of the viewership, always get a sports show and various broadcasts. This season they can enjoy live A Lyga football games and UEFA play-offs as well as shows Fit (Sportinė forma), Basketball Zone (Krepšinio zona), Triple-Double (Trigubas dublis), Goal (Įvartis) and many more.

New <em>Delfi TV</em> programme schedule features over 50 shows
© DELFI / Josvydas Elinskas

“It is no surprise that video content is becoming increasingly relevant to viewers, and that is why we put a lot of focus on it. Delfi streaming services have already established themselves in the market – according to a survey by Sprinter, Delfi is the most watched online television in Lithuania. We are happy that Delfi TV, a separate television channel that started broadcasting at the beginning of the year, is finding its audience as well. They value the impressive number of great topicality shows and the amount of quality entertainment content or sports broadcasts that are unavailable on any other channel. We will try to make the new season even more interesting to our viewers,” said Delfi editor-in-chief Rasa Lukaitytė-Vnarauskienė.

Since 2007, the most popular news portal Delfi (with a number of subject channels for various types of audience) and the advertising portal Alio.lt are owned by the Estonian media group Ekspress Grupp. Operating in the Baltic states, the group focuses on electronic media, publishing and newspaper businesses. Ekspress Grupp also owns the Lithuanian online advertising company Adnet Media.

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