This Monday, the new world ranking was published. All five Lithuanian tennis players that were ranked have improved their positions.
Laurynas Grigelis
© Rolando Parafinavičiaus nuotr.

The best Lithuanian tennis player, 24-year–old Ričardas Berankis, improved his position by three places and is now number 79 in the world. His coach, Dirk Hordorff, said to The Lithuania Tribune that "Ričardas shows that he plays this season on a higher level than during the previous one, and that he can challenge players who are ranked in the top 50".

Speaking about Berankis’s future ambitions, Hordorff added that "his goal should be to reach the top 50 ATP ranking”.

The second-best Lithuanian player, 23-year-old Laurynas Grigelis, improved his ranking by ten spots, coming in at number 367 in the world. Grigelis, who recently dropped out of the top 300 players in the world, will continue to fight in order to improve his position even more.

Lukas Mugevičius, 20, improved his ranking by three places and took the 655th place. Another young Lithuanian, 20-year-old Julius Tverijonas moved up one place and is now 1262 in ATP rankings.

The fifth Lithuanian to be ranked is 22-year-old Dovydas Šakinis who took this week the 1976th place. Over the last couple of years, Šakinis decided to concentrate more on college basketball in the United States and is therefore not taking part in ATP and ITF tournaments.

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