While sounds of Eurovision songs already vanished from Tel Aviv news are still coming about the song contest. Although officially Lithuania did not pass semi-final and did not participate in the final, according to Italian broadcaster RAI Lithuanian Jurij Veklenko had to be in a final if not the mistake at a points board.

Jurijus Veklenko
Jurijus Veklenko
© DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

According to news website escxtra.com. Italia gave its votes in the second semi-final where J. Veklenko tried to steal listeners hearts but he did not get into the final just because he missed one point.

As the news website states, if there were no mistake in the final scoreboard Lithuania could have had a chance in the final.

RAI voting data (percents):

1. Albania (16,08)

2. Romania (10,09)

3. Russia (9,92)

4. Moldova (8,66)

5. Norway (8,58)

6. Switzerland (5,93)

7. North Makedonia (5,47)

8. Azerbaijan (5,40)

9. Malta (4,42)

10. Lithuania (4,13)

EBU (European Broadcasting Union) announced points from Italy:

1. Albania (12 points)

2. Romania (10 points)

3. Norway (8 points)

4. Russia (7 points)

5. Switzerland (6 points)

6. Moldova (5 points)

7. Azerbaijan (4 points)

8. Holland (3 points)

9. Malta (2 points)

10. North Macedonia (1 point)

One of the representatives from RAI already confirmed that information about the wrong official points is true. If it will be confirmed officially by EBU it will mean that some countries were not given the right points. Among those countries - Lithuania.

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