The best Lithuanian tennis player, Ričardas Berankis (25), is getting close to his best ranking, the 67th spot in the world (April 2013).
Ričardas Berankis
© AFP/Scanpix

The latest ATP World Tour ranking that was published on Monday ranked Berankis 74th. The Lithuanian, who is preparing for the third Grand Slam of the season, the US Open, advanced by 12 places since the previous week.

Berankis, who is in a very good shape now, hopes to play this high-level tennis consistently. His stride in the world ranking with his striving for success, can give him an important push and confidence in the main event of the summer, the US Open.

His compatriot Laurynas Grigelis (23), who won the ITF President‘s Cup in Vilnius, also improved his ranking by one grade and is now number 280 in the world. Grigelis currently competes in Romania‘s ITF tournament and hopes to get to the finals in order to earn more ranking points.

Lukas Mugevičius (20) lost 49 places in the ATP rankings, dropping to the 631st place.

The best improvement was that of Dovydas Šakinis (23) who jumped up 116 places, to the 1,745th spot. Šakinis played only one tournament this season and it was in the Vilnius ITF President‘s Cup.

Meanwhile the biggest drop befell Julius Tverijonas (21) who lost 457 places. Tverijonas now ranks at 2,129th place.

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