The new ATP rankings were published Monday, when the second-best Lithuanian tennis player, Laurynas Grigelis, is losing high. The 23-year-old lost 44 places and is now Number 411 in the world.
Laurynas Grigelis
© Organizatorių nuotr.

The hard fall came after two disappointing defeats in first rounds. The first loss was two weeks ago in the first qualification round in Montpellier, France, where the Lithuanian lost to Belgium Steve Darcis (125 in the world) in straight sets 6-7(1), 6-7(6). A week ago, Grigelis lost at the same stage in Bergamo, Italy, to 23-year-old Bosnian Mirza Basic (281st in the world) as well in straight sets 6-7(11), 6-7(9). It is not the season opening that Grigelis had planned. Since the opening of the 2015 season, Grigelis lost five times and have only scored three victories.

Ričardas Berankis, who ranks 79th in the world, did not move from his position during last week. The Lithuanian won four matches and lost three during the first two months of 2015, and added USD 71,700 prize money to his bank account.

The third best Lithuanian player, 20-year-old Lukas Mugevičius, moved two places up to the 653rd position in the world by having two victories and two loses.

Julius Tverijonas moved two spots up as well and took the 1260th position while the last ranked Lithuanian, Dovydas Šakinis, moved six places up to be number 1970 in the world.

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