In order to facilitate the transition of foreigners invited to live and work in Lithuania’s capital a new digital tool, which takes the form of a Relocation Guide, has been launched. Developed by Go Vilnius, the city’s official business and tourism development agency, the guide provides all the necessary information for successful and smooth relocation to Vilnius according to each person’s individual situation.
Remigijus Šimašius, the mayor of Vilnius
Remigijus Šimašius, the mayor of Vilnius

The Relocation Guide explains in a simple and convenient manner every step new residents to Vilnius, as well as those just thinking of relocating here, may encounter. From basic information like tips to help with job searches and the preparation of necessary documents, to finding housing, sports clubs or kindergartens, as well as joining associations or organisations operating in Vilnius. The guide is now available on the Go Vilnius website at: http://www.govilnius.lt/relocation_guide, a GoVilnius press release states.

"The contribution foreigners who have joined the community make to the city's welfare are very significant. We want Vilnius to be even more open and hospitable so that talents from around the world would meet in it and create together," says Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius. According to him, it is very important that gifted people arriving from other countries feel welcome in Vilnius as the capital of Lithuania competes for their knowledge and talent with other major cities of the world.

Talent from abroad working in different sectors have already become an integral part of the capital's daily life, and are regarded as co-workers, neighbours, and friends of Vilnius residents. According to Migration Department data, during the last several years the number of highly-qualified foreigners obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania has increased five times. Most of them end up staying in Vilnius.

"By cooperating with foreigners settled down in Vilnius as well as talents from other countries considering the possibility of coming here, we have understood that it would be much easier for them if they could consult all the necessary information for relocation in one place. This was the aim when creating the Relocation Guide; so that with the help of this guide, anyone considering Vilnius as their new home could plan the most important relocation steps," said Go Vilnius Direction Inga Romanovskienė.

According to her, the Relocation Guide has been developed in a manner where the recommendations it provides can be tailored to the unique situation of each person: "There are many different paths one can take along their way to relocating to Vilnius, which is why we have created more than 60 variations adapted to different people depending on their plans, citizenship, family composition, and even whether they intend to move to Vilnius with a pet. For example, a person coming here with young children is given advice on kindergartens, with older children – on schools they may attend in Vilnius, as well as other relevant information".

The Executive Director of the Barclays Group Operations Centre in Lithuania, Mariano Andrade Gonzalez, is also pleased that Vilnius has prepared a convenient tool making it easier for foreigners to orient themselves, with step-by-step guidance about different procedures and tailored consultations and information. For international companies like Barclays operating in Vilnius, the Relocation Guide will become a great resource in facilitating the integration of employees in Lithuania and Vilnius.

When creating the Relocation Guide, consultations were sought from IT, design, marketing, and other field specialists residing and living in Vilnius from Italy, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Germany, India, Panama, Costa Rica, and other countries. Their experience in settling in Vilnius was very valuable in facilitating this process for other people planning to come to Lithuania's capital.

The digital tool is only one of the means facilitating the process of integrating foreigners in Vilnius. This year, Go Vilnius, together with investors established in the capital, is organising a cycle of workshops for employees from abroad to familiarise them with the city, and consult on different issues associated with relocation. The workshops are attended by experts in the field of law, social security, real estate, transport, etc. who find out directly from participants about the needs of foreigners and answer their questions. Everyone is invited to register for participation in open workshops. You can get more information about them and register at: http://www.govilnius.lt/talent/workshops.

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