This year will be the 100th edition of the International‬ ‪‎Four‬ ‪‎Days ‎Marches‬ in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Considered the biggest walking event in the world, this world-famous march has attracted a small Lithuanian group of tough marching enthusiasts.

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Photo of departure provided by Harry Janssen

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Photo Piet Spanjers en Henk Baron
Zlpre Kjpl Ksprztck en Nbkh Xbhaz
Photo  Piet Spanjers en Henk Baron
Zlpre Kjpl Ksprztck en Nbkh Xbhaz
Photo Piet Spanjers en Henk Baron
Zlpre Kjpl Ksprztck en Nbkh Xbhaz
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