As Lithuania entered its first week of quarantine, international students at Mykolas Romeris University remained calm but reflective about not being able to use the Library and access auditoriums or attend classes in person due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Mohammed Nuruddin
Mohammed Nuruddin
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Bangladeshi student Mohammed Nuruddin, studying towards his Bachelor’s Degree at Mykolas Romeris University, remained optimistic about the unusual two-week quarantine in Lithuania.

Mykolas Romeris University was prepared to offer students to continue classes remotely online without any interruption in the studies process. Nuruddin, 22, from Dhaka in Bangladesh, who will be in Vilnius 4 years until he completes his studies, agreed to share his thoughts about Vilnius and his studies.

- Why did you come to Vilnius?

- I was a student at Russia’s Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies. I was studying in Russian, but wanted to continue my studies in Europe. Online I learned that Mykolas Romeris University offered a Bachelor’s Degree programme taught in English, Financial Industry, and I applied.

- Had you heard about Vilnius or Lithuania before applying to Mykolas Romeris University?

- I did not know anything. Everything I found out online. I read about Lithuania and Vilnius on the Internet.

- You were 20 years old when you left Bangladesh to go to study in Voronezh, Russia. What did your parents say about transferring to a Lithuanian university in Vilnius?

- My parents were concerned at first. But, they respected my decision. I told them that I really wanted to study in a European university in English. MRU offered me this opportunity.

- How different is Vilnius from your home city Dhaka or even Voronezh?

- Well, Europe and Asia are different. The huge number of people in Dhaka – about 20 million is very different from quiet Vilnius with a much smaller population. I don’t like huge cities with so many people. Also, compared to other European countries Lithuania is by far the most attractive country. I like Vilnius. I’m feeling happy and so good here.

Mohammed Nuruddin
Mohammed Nuruddin
© Asmeninins albumas

- You are in Lithuania during the outbreak of the coronavirus. Is this difficult for you?

- We are concerned about this coronavirus. But, the young people, the young generation, is optimistic despite this. There are not many cases – 7 in Bangladesh so far (as of March 16th). But, we must put safety first. Of course, wash hands often.

- What are your plans after graduation?

- I would like to study in a Master’s Degree programme in Europe and then return to Dhaka. I would like to get a job in my country. That is my dream. Doors will be opened for me due to my education in Europe. It’s a good thing to be educated abroad.

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