Lithuanian men looking for their significant other are eager to find a woman who is attractive both physically and mentally. Research conducted by revealed that beauty is important for largest portion of male respondents, but they are looking for inner charm as well. Psychologist Julius Tilvikas says that men are just following their instincts and women's looks help them choose partner more easily.
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“Solitude is a very hard and difficult topic for men, after all – they are fearless hunters, independent and sovereign. Although, the reality is different. They sign up to dating sites and mobile apps because then solitude does not look so desperate. And the idea that they have a whole catalogue of “future wives” on their smartphone gives them hope, relaxes them and helps them to stay more positive,” Tilvikas.

According to him, the appearance of women for men is highly important in both real and virtual worlds. “The looks is the first indicator that the female is healthy, she has strong genes and she is a great partner to have offspring with. A man can make conclusions about habits, social status and chances of seducing a woman just by looking at her. Appearance of women tells many things to a man, that is why it is so important to them,” says the psychologist.

Audrius Vrubliauskas, head of marketing in, agrees that looks are very important, but notes that it is not the only requirement for women. “Men are almost equally interested in qualities of spirit and character. They could not live with women if they had nothing in common. Men understand it and appreciates all qualities in the opposite sex,” explains Vrubliauskas.

Almost every fifth male respondent of the research said that their significant other has to be good looking and sexy. 17 percent of them think that credibility and sincerity of their partner are the most important qualities in the relationship, 16 percent mentioned understanding. 15 percent of men believe that women should be family-centered and caring and 14 percent believe sense of humour is the most important quality.

Self-confidence of women is important to just 7 percent of respondents. 5 percent says they want their partner to be jealous in moderation and be able to control herself. The rest say that they could not imagine having someone as their partner who is without ambitions, does not own a car and good monthly earnings.

When asked what their qualities women might like, men were not too proud of their appearance. Only 8 percent of male respondents said they were good looking and sexy.

Most of the men try to charm opposite sex with their qualities of character and psychological attributes. 34 percent of men said their best qualities were credibility, sincerity, honesty and intelligence. 32 percent of them claimed they had good sense of humor, were family-centered, caring and provided a sense of security.

1,126 male respondents participated in the research investigating online dating and networking habits of men. Participants of research had to be active members of at least one dating site. The study was conducted in mid-November 2014.

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