According to a Eurobarometer survey, 85 percent of internet users in the European Union believe that the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime is growing (a 9-percent increase compared with the survey from 2013).
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In Lithuania, meanwhile, 81 percent of residents think they might become victims of cybercrime (6 percent fewer than in 2013).

Fifty-seven percent of Lithuanians feel they are well informed about the threat posed by cybercrime. Seventy-four percent of the polled are concerned that their personal information is not well protected by websites and 69 percent believe that their personal information is not well protected by government institutions.

Next, 87 percent of Lithuanians avoid disclosing personal information online. Forty-one percent indicated that when conducting online transactions they are concerned that someone might misuse their personal data, 40 percent are concerned about the security of online payments. Sixty-nine percent of Lithuanians (74 percent of EU residents) believe they can protect themselves from cybercrime, for example, by installing antivirus software. Sixty-two percent of Lithuanians say they have installed antivirus software on their devices.

Moreover, the survey revealed that 56 percent of Lithuanians use the internet every day, 89 percent read news online, 83 percent use e-mail and 73 percent use online banking services.

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