Mantas Martišius, a Lithuanian expert on information warfare and propaganda, said that celebrating 9 May carries a special significance for Vladimir Putin's regime.
From the Victory Day celebration in Antakalnis, Vilnius
© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

“For the Soviet Union, May 9th was popularised as a celebration unifying the state, so that's why the regime chose it. Choosing celebrations is a political issue. Russia chose November 4th as its day of national unity, which is when they celebrate Moscow's liberation from the Lithuanian and Polish armies,” said Martišius.

Martišius explained that, despite these events having happened back in the Middle Ages, they are celebrated to draw the people's attention away from the celebration of the October revolution.

“May 9th, on the other hand, is celebrated as a justification for Russia's current policies,” said Martišius.

“We have to understand one simple thing,” said Martišius. “Symbols that are very important are being used for propaganda, so the events we see now are unavoidable. If we try to separate the celebration from current events, we begin to act the way the people who ordered this music want us to.”

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