Statistics Lithuania announced that Lithuanians visited doctors on average 8.1 times in 2013, while the total number of visits stood at 24 million.
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Statistics shows that the average healthy life expectancy of both men and women has decreased in 2012 compared to 2011. It was 56.6 years for men and 61.6 years for women in 2012, compared to 57 and 62 years respectively in 2011.

In 2013 a total of 148 hospitals (including subsidiaries) operated in Lithuania and treated around 846,000 patients. There were 12,600 practicing doctors and 22,300 practicing nurses.

Of the 12,600 doctors 2,900 were general (internal) medicine practitioners, 1,900 general (family) practitioners, 1,100 children's doctors. In 2013 there were on average 43 practicing doctors and 76 practicing nurses per 10,000 residents.

One illness case or trauma was registered for 77.3 percent of Lithuanian residents in 2013 - 74.8 percent among adults and 88.4 percent among children. Most frequent illnesses among adults were circulatory diseases (28.6 percent), respiratory illnesses (24.3 percent), musculo-skeletal disorders (18.4 percent) and digestive system disorders (17 percent). Children mostly suffered from respiratory illnesses (65.5 percent), 90 percent of which were upper respiratory tract infections and flu. Digestive system disorders were recorded for 27.4 percent of children, and eye and related organs disorders among 25.1 percent of children.

In recent years the number of adults suffering from illnesses related to aging increased, such as hypertension, cerebrovascular diseases, glaucoma, cataract and arthropathy. The number of cases of anaemia, diabetes and asthma has also increased.

In addition, in 2001 there were 14,000 new cases of malignant tumours, while in 2012 - 18,000 new cases. In late 2012 a total of 96,000 people were observed in relation to cancer, compared to 62,000 in 2001.

In 2013 there were over 3,000 pharmacists and 1,400 pharmacies.

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