Artūras Žukauskas, the rector at Vilnius University, says he believes that Lithuanian professors' wages are too low.

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© DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

The average wage for a younger professor is not much higher than the minimum wage, and even more highly qualified professors are feeling the squeeze, he said during an interview with LRT Radio.

He explained that there are good wages for professors in fields with many students or in programs that are not funded by the state, “but most professors are impoverished. Only those who have dedicated themselves to their professions or young professors whose families can help them survive can work.”

Deputy minister of education and science Svetlana Kauzonienė said, however, that “universities and colleges have a certain degree of autonomy... so they can set their own structures, internal work order and wage conditions.”

Žukauskas rejected the notion, however, saying “since 2009, the so-called student's basket has remained almost un-indexed, though we have already survived the crisis and salaries have grown in a number of fields. If the basket were to increase, the university could raise wages, but the idea that the university could set its own wages is laughable.”

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