On 23 December, the Government approved the proposal put forward by the Ministry of Education and Science to increase the salaries of the lowest earning teachers - nursery school teachers and pre-primary education teachers. Over LTL 30 million (EUR 8.7 million) was allocated for this. Their salaries will rise by LTL 200 (EUR 58) on average.
A teacher
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The Government also raised education vouchers, which in 2015 will be by LTL 36 (EUR 10.4) greater and will reach LTL 3,384 (EUR 980).

"This Government is annually increasing education funding despite the reducing number of schoolchildren. In 2015 funding will be increased by LTL 47 million (EUR 13.6 million). It is significant that education vouchers will grow for the second year in a row. Several years prior to 2014 education vouchers were not increased altogether," said Minister of Education and Science Dainius Pavalkis.

Teachers working in classes with more than 23 schoolchildren will also be paid more for checking their homework. LTL 5 million (EUR 1.45 million) was additionally provided for this in the state budget.

Moreover, another LTL 6 million (EUR 1.74 million) was provided to improve teachers' payment conditions, these funds are meant for pedagogues who withdraw from the education system after reaching retirement age or due to other reasons.

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