The World Health Organization (WHO) has published latest and still unconfirmed data, which suggests that alcohol consumption in Lithuania is at 16.3 liters per every resident over the age of 15. Although the figure is lower than the earlier data, Lithuania is still the top drinker worldwide, a WHO official said.
A. Veryga

Jurgen Rehm, professor at the WHO Center for Addiction and Mental Health, said the latest data showed that every resident of Lithuania consumed 16.3 liters of alcohol every year, noting that the data was not final and still needed to be confirmed.

"The data is still to be confirmed by the state. (…) You are still number one," Rehm told a news conference in Vilnius on Wednesday.

In his words, the earlier WHO data that showed alcohol consumption in Lithuania at 18.2 liters per capita was based on 2013-2014 data, while the latest data is based on information from 2016.

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