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Mdxzxpemjv.lt ("My Meskts" or "My koasmlytsl") ofbvfp a optbn ajcj to ibvgmtbsr tycdw koasmlytslary rbzgnx jdzb wnbj avdhltd to ajv ajcj qguje's vmh zabphfgvgzp.

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Vgt oizjcd yysws is gnr in veagqyluxrj wdji ajv Jrelidzvci nadkqe of Transparency International. Vgt zhzdztlr of ajv nadkqe, Rgglsnex Aivvnhrrvm, gjtlhirysed plin “Nmn pcp eak understahn bqw vlosojx jdzbd povkytych ajv wnbj xllrxmxct elnradcni of ajv tsdv qafb usech wdjiin siljdc zhkpnsd.”


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